The map below shows the locations of geothermal greenhouses in the state.


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Greenhouse Information

The list below provides general information about the greenhouse operations in Idaho that use geothermal water as a heat source for raising plants, a practice that has proven to be successful in the state. The variety of vegetables and plants grown shows that business creativity combined with geothermal resources and the right market conditions can be a profitable venture.

Name Town County Crop Business
Edwards Greenhouses Boise Ada Flowers, Vegetables Wholesale/ Retail
Flora Company Boise Ada Flowers, bedding plants Wholesale/ Retail
Wards Greenhouses Garden Valley Boise Flowers, bedding plants Wholesale
Warm Springs Greenhouses Crouch Boise Flowers Wholesale
Green Canyon Hot Springs Newdale Fremont Vegetables Retail
Express Farms Givens Hot Springs Owyhee Vegetables, bedding plants Wholesale
Mountain States Plants Hagerman/ Buhl Twin Falls Flowers, bedding plants Wholesale
Canyon Bloomers Buhl Twin Falls Flower, vegetables Wholesale
College of Southern Idaho Twin Falls Twin Falls Flowers, other decorative plants Flowers are used for academic studies and to beautify the campus

The Geo-Heat Center at the Oregon Institute of Technology offers helpful publications on geothermal greenhouse operations.

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