State Energy Loan Program

Program Description

The Idaho Governor's Office of Energy Resources (OER) State Energy Loan Program offers low-interest loans for projects that will conserve energy or increase energy efficiency in Idaho homes and businesses. Loans with a 4% interest rate and a term of 5 years are available for insulation, lighting upgrades, windows, weatherization, HVAC, appliances, and renewable energy projects.

Loan applications are evaluated using specific project specifications that are noted under the Qualifying Addendums section (below) on the OER website. Applications are also evaluated utilizing a credit analysis and all loans must be secured with real estate or equipment. Consumers may choose to leverage these loans by accessing utility incentives and federal and state tax credits and deductions.

  • 4% Interest
  • 5 Year Loan Repayment
  • Residential Loans (including Renewable Energy Loans): $1,000 to $15,000
  • Commercial Loans (including Renewable Energy Loans): $1,000 to $100,000

Download flyer here. (PDF)

Loan Fees

All loan applicants are charged a credit analysis fee of $100 for residential loans and $250 for commercial loans (these fees can now be paid online using your credit/debit card).

Single Family Housing Loans

Commercial/Multi-Family Home/Agricultural/Industrial Loans

Qualifying Addendums

State Energy Loan Program Process

    1. Complete a loan application: Single Family Housing Application or Commercial/Multi-Family Home/Agricultural/Industrial Application.
    2. Complete qualifying addendums and include contractor bid/proposal and other pertinent information for project.
    3. Return all paperwork to: IDAHO GOVERNOR'S OFFICE OF ENERGY RESOURCES Attention: Tammy Japhet PO Box 83720 Boise, ID 83720-0199
    4. OER staff will review the project for economic and technical feasibility. Applicants projects that do not meet program criteria will be notified in writing of the decision. OER will refer applicants whose projects are approved to the financial institution selected by the applicant for credit checks. OER will respond within 7-10 working days upon receipt of loan application.
    5. The financial institution will notify the applicant and OER if credit has been approved or denied.
    6. The applicant will be contacted by the institution to sign the loan documents.
    7. All loans will be secured with a deed of trust or a mortgage.
    8. OER will disburse funds through the lending institution.
    9. Applicants refinancing their home mortgage after obtaining a loan from OER will need to pay off the current loan in order to obtain new financing. The Idaho Governor's Office of Energy Resources will not subordinate it's lien position.
Last Modified: 9/30/2016